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Monday, September 23, 2013

My version of: Orange & Black

And so it goes at my house orange & black holiday decorations.
I would try my very best not to buy anything 
else to decorate my home.
(It's getting a little easier as I move through my fifties).

I happened to have downloaded the Michales Craft  and
 Hobby Lobby app to get their coupons (love those apps). 

Well, to get back to the story, I forgot that Hobby Lobby
 is one of the last so called craft stores that has a fabric department. 
I found something new that I have not seen before... 

 printed burlap
more printed burlap
Ok, I have been out of the sewing loop for several years.
I decided right then and there that I would make a pendant banner for my kitchen areas.

I found a printed dotted burlap and used orange & black and a some 
cotton fabric to make my banner.

Close up of fabric selection.
finished banners

I love festoons...you say what are those?
Here is what you need to make "fringed tissue paper chain"
I used two different colors. Each package has 8 sheets.
Layer with alternating colors, you will have 4 sheets of each color.
Fold in half cut down center.

Take each half and fold again and then again until
you have the what the picture above looks like.

I cut a cotton string placed it in the fold line and
then staple down the spine to secure the string.
Now cut the "fringe" I like small cuts.
It gives a fuller look to your festoon.

NOW...fluff and scrunch, roll fluff and continue
until you get a look that looks like the below photo's.
Tie the chain together.

(sorry I thought I had taken photo's of this step.)

Here is what the festoon chain
looks like on my china hutch.

Closer look

I added a miniature pumpkin garland to my festoon.

Well... off to do more decorating!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Swenson Family Beach House Reunion

August 11-14, 2013
Ventura County California

The swede's family held their reunion at the Sailors Sandcastle Beach House located at:
click here to see the beach area: Solimar Beach

The Group
-missing from our family were about 10 family members.

This was a special vacation for our family, Dallas (far left) was going off to college, and Finn (our grandson-Aubry & Todd's oldest child far right) was with us on his "12" year old trip.
(left to right-Dallas, Me, the Swede, Katlin, Ariel and Finn)

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