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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Last Breakfast

Dallas had her mission send off on Sunday, January 12
It has been a non-stop of busy activities getting her ready, I started
 my new job and the "swede" is at his work schedule is at it's peak. 

I tried to decorate the kitchen area with some festive items that 
would be cheerful but not "Churcheee".

The chalkboard served as a laundry hanger for her mission address cards.
She certainly hopes she will have many people that will write her.

Banner of Sister Swenson name tags

Close up

Since it is still wintertime, I put up my small collection of snowflakes.
I added bright colorful felt vertical banners.

This photo was taken during the "pre-set up" of the breakfast.
I served:
A variety of fruit
Shirley's (local bakery) sweet rolls
5 different quiches (see below)
French Toast Souffle/buttermilk syrup &amp brown sugar syrup.

White and chocolate milk
Orange juice

I made 13 quiches two days before the event and kept them cold.
Ham & cheese
Quiche Lorraine
Spinach & Swiss
3 Herb & cheese

I was so busy that morning, we had over 65 people come for breakfast.
I didn't assign anyone to take photo's...grrrr! 
the memory is there and Dallas will be gone soon for 18 months.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Working Girl

That's right I'm back at it again, working full time.
I started my new job today and it is going to be interesting and a 
new opportunity to really grow myself and help others along the way. 
(Even though I get paid for doing it)


Mission Statement:
Studies Weekly will create engaging K-6 educational tools that improve students’ literacy skills and help facilitate the return of science and social studies as a meaningful and substantive part of students’ education. We make teaching these vital subjects simple and cost-effective for teachers, and fun and engaging for students.
We believe Social Studies is important for teaching young citizens the value of being an American. We believe that Social Studies is the “owner’s manual” for the liberties that empower "we the people" to govern ourselves. 
Studies Weekly creates educational tools that instill in children the desire to be lifelong learners, to value the past and to understand their roles as citizens of our country and our world.

Studies Weekly Publications

Click here to go the website:

I'll keep you posted on how I become apart of
the team that makes this great learning tool succeed!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Pets Play

Last Thursday, the "swede" and I went to ski up at 
Deer Valley Resort in Utah.
It's a great place to ski no matter what age, they groom 
the slopes and there is no snow boarding allowed so, it's really
 easy to ski (at least for me) or until last Thursday...

It was the end of the day and we were making our way back
 to the the gondola to get back to our car when, I caught the side of the "swedes" ski.

We weren't going fast, in fact I think we had just gotten off the lift and
I barely had any momentum.
I plopped down on my right side and twisted my knee.
  (I went to my cousin who is a PT)
and he examined it and suggested that I might have torn my meniscus.

Putting that unwanted diagnosis a side,
 I thought I would dwell on something cheerful!

Animals that love to ski!!

I wish I could have found some information 
on this illustrator but haven't yet. 
My interpretation to this one is..
the skier is taking a break, (notice that he is smoking).
and the "local" bunnies came out to see who was on their ski run!

Notice that the bunnies are different colors. 

When I look at this illustration, it reminds me
of the Golden Books characters.

This illustration is fairly new because
they drew a rabbit on a snow board,

I see that this must be on the "bunny hill", look to the center back and
 you will see the bunnies momma worried that her child took a spill!

Of course CATS SKI!
(the felines to the right are just styling with the sweaters and their shades!)

I've titled this one:
Just Dogging It!

It's amazing that humans imagine animals skiing!

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