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March 2016

Monday, February 25, 2013

85th Academy Awards

Yup, another one is just a small blip in the universe.
I have told myself and my family that this is the last year
 I will host an Oscar party..

I decorate, cook, clean for this event which is all good.
But there comes a time when this woman needs to relax and not put anymore stress in her life and so to do this I am officially announcing(to my blogisphere) that this is will the last
Academy party I will host.
 Y E A H!
Here are some photo's of the "last" Oscar event at my home.

Silly me

Cast of Celebrities

Gotta have the munchies for the show

We did have a winner: My sister Jeana marked her ballot
 with 13 right winners!
Back drop, stage prop

Floating Hollywood

We were honored with this group of attendees.

I feel so much better that I declared that I will not
 host another Oscar party at my home.
Now I can move forward without regret!
The End.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The B-Day came

My birthday came and went so fast, I was rather delighted that it did.
For me that day is special, but I don't like the attention it brings as I age into
I n f i n i t y.
Went to work: worked 11 hours including 1 hour lunch.
Drove to Katlins (7mins) away from my work place.
She was not there so I raided her freezer and found
 3 frozen pancakes from Trader Joes.
Made my bed on her couch
Ariel and Katlin came home, we visited for awhile and Ariel left to go home.
Katlin went to bed, I read for an hour or so
Goodnight Birthday. 
Sweet Dreams.
P. S. I changed my heading to my blog to reflect the new me!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Letting go..

..of the youngest child....

Dallas turned 18 in January and the reality of having the youngest child ready to
 leave home and start her life apart from her parents is somehow sobering.

I know, your saying; "you have really been waiting for this time to FINALLY come"
in a sense, I must admit, during her crazy hormonal teenage years,
I have wished her out..on her own.. to face the world and figure out life on her own. 

But now, we celebrate her 18 years of life with our family

Dallas and Girlfriends

Photo booth silliness

Aunt Kim & Uncle Dallas

The Cardon Family (cousin Ryne)

Chelsey & Blake and Kids

Uncle Kevin & Aunt Jeana

Cousin Hannah

Cousin's Ethan & Hunter

Cousin Eric and Grammy Swenson

Dallas with Grandpa Terry

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pre Party Prep

Here are some banners, a festoon and
chalboard humor I made for
Dallas' Birthday Party.
My newly installed chalk board.
(thanks to the swede whom added a nice frame around it!)
Thee colors of tissue paper festoon

Thank you Katlin, for breaking your back to hang these decorations!

Hand made Dallas Banner

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