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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Geared Up & Ready to Go

This is where I will be in approximately 1 day.
If you want to dream along, I mean follow my itinerary:

Holland America Line-Westerdam Ship

SUN: Depart from Seattle Pier # 91
MON: At Sea
TUE: Glacier Bay
WED: Juneau
THURS: Sitka
FRI: Ketchikan
SAT: Victoria, Canada
SUN: Arrive in Seattle Port
MON: Fly Home
I have a 300 shot memory card for the camera
2 pieces of luggage and a shoe bag
Binoculars, lap top, compass
A whole lot of fun planned!!
See you back in August...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer plants part 2

When I moved into this home on the hill, I noticed
that no one had sunflowers growing.
I love this wild flower.
I did see wild ones growing on
vacant lots.
I have this large planting area in front of my home
and decided to take some of those wild plants
and transplant them into my garden.

At first I heard the neighbors rumbling
about the "weeds" I had growing in my front yard,
I insisted that they would be a beautiful thing and ignored the gossip.

Now after 3 years of enjoying the summer sunflowers, my
neighbors comment how great they
look, and I have two or three college students
ask if they can photograph them.

In honor of the sunflower
here ia a special dessert you might like to make..

Sunflower Cake

Picture compliments of the book:
"Happy Birthday" by Anna von Marburg

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Plants

Here is my beautiful pot planted with solenostemon- COLEUS!
Click here to find out more about this exotic plant from Africa.
They can really grow anywhere in the USA.
I love to find the vintage varieties, but the standard home depot etc. usually don't carry them.
Check your catalogs and local nurseries.
PS...I do have a "black" potato vine lower right coroner.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Indie Generation

It seems that I was born in the wrong time, the wrong generation..

I have loved arts and crafts since second grade where my teacher
Mrs. Norvell drew people like this:

Everything she drew was rounded.
(Mrs Novell did a much better drawing than I can do.)
I have noticed that more than not, the ground root art forms
are originating in the Northwest.

Here are a few click here and here and here

My thought on these groups/organizations are very cool and give the
homemade crafter HOPE. Maybe one day you will see my stuff
on one of these sites or better yet, ETSY

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Transformation....

It happened, over three years ago when we moved into this home, the previous
owners had painted the fence.....!

Ok, I am not a design expert, but, it seems to me that one does not painted a fence
that is already built out of nice wood and that has to stand the weather condition
here in the "rockies".

Old Fence

Painted Fence

Thanks to the "Swede" and all his macho sanding and scraping of paint,
to give our yard a more neutral palette!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Amazing Advantage for Kids

Check this out....
What Every Kid Should Know About Manners and Etiquette!

Now you can share this children's classic with your kids, grandchildren,
nieces, nephews , neighbors and the world!

This video teaches children how to treat others with respect...and promotes the notion that the world is a much nicer place when we follow the rules of manners and etiquette!

-Swenson/Green Production
Wait-A-Go Guys!-

Monday, July 6, 2009

4 th Festivities

My 4th of July was so fun and very busy..Starting at 7 am. The Swede and
I went to a continental breakfast flag
raising ceremony and heard from
Utah's new Governor Gary Herbert.
He did not speak like a politician, he was really good. He encouraged us
to to be grateful and to remain active in our communities.
(Ok, I know I look like a cheese cake...it' my age I guess.)

Then we attended the Provo City Freedom Parade..
you know, the kind with it's small town floats and bands
from every High School.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pre 4th of July

Just got back from spending 4 days with 120 young woman up at
Herber Valley Girls Camp.
Love the smoke residue and the filthy dirty clothes....
getting ready for a fun celebration tomorrow.

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