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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visiting the past

Here is the short adventure that
the 'swede' and I drove 760 miles to see
in two days.

We crossed the Continental Divide around 9 times.

We set up camp in "missionary village" Alcova Wyoming.
We were the only ones tent camping which made
me freak out a bit.
The wind's blew constantly around 40-60 mph.
(no really!)

This is where one of my "people" survived
the horrible ordeal at this juncture on their trek to Utah.

We pulled a hand cart 6 miles to Martin's Cove; this is
where Joseph Beswick and 500 other people
took refuge from the winter storm.

On our way home we stopped at Fort Bridger, where the
California, Oregon and Pony Express along with the Mormon Trails
could replenish their supplies.
It is a great place to spend hours walking around.

These cabins (motel's) were built in the early 30's to
give the weary traveler a place to stay.

The Wyoming historical foundations
recently restore these quaint cabins.

This home was the Army Generals home at Ft Bridger.

These two courageous family members are why I went to
Martin's Cove this summer.
They are my paternal third great grandmother and
second great grand father.
They came from Liverpool England.
Ann died along the trail to Salt Lake City.
Joseph survived and settled in the San Pete County of Utah,
married and had my great grandmother Jane Ann
who had my grandfather Joseph Terry. (my dad' father)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of summer adventure

this where I'm off to this weekend...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Can't wait to read...

This woman's second book...
She is :
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 2006
BornNovember 13, 1969 (age 40)
Mogadishu, Somalia
Occupationpolitician, writer
Known forSubmission
The Caged Virgin
Influenced byJohn Stuart Mill, Friedrich Hayek, Simone de Beauvoir, Karl Popper, Herman Philipse
Political party2001-2002: Partij van de Arbeid (PvdA) (Labour Party)
2002-present Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD)(People's Party for Freedom and Democracy)
Religionnone (Atheist)

(scroll down the page until you
see the image of her new book)

You should read this book first.

Ayaan's mantra is:
Woman everywhere, of all cultures, merit access
to education and basic human rights.

She and others have established a foundation called

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Get-Away

Capitol Reef National Park is one of
those kind-a obscure places
off the beaten track that is not normally traveled by millions.
It is a destination.

I had to see this one last park in Utah before I could
begin my sojourn up in Idaho and Montana for
my next adventures

This area is called the "Orchard" which fairly obvious.
In the late 1800's several families settle here to homestead.
They have kept this area intact and it is a wonderful camp ground.
If it wasn't for the seclusion in this canyon,
I could consider living here....

In the campground, a view from inside the tent..
can you believe the panoramic scene?
There are trails and a rushing river near bye.

The hiking was nice, the weather really was a mild 80 something degrees
(that's cool for this time of year)

ok....no comment on this monument.
(Mother nature must be telling us something.)

I spy the swede.
We think this is the "Capitol" rock monument
(there were no signs or markings)

In departing from the park we were surprised to come upon :
Cafe diablo in
Torrey, Utah population: 171
We had to dine here because well, it was quaint and it was packed with families, biker dudes and an assortment of nature loving people.

This is what the swede ordered: Local raised lamb,
I was very impressed by the display, but the food
was lacking in flavor.
I would give it a 3 star*** rating.
**I hope to return to this National Park next year.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just for Giggles

When ever I feel a bit BLUE
I go here for a good laugh & smile!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Can I really be into this sport?


This will be an interesting season for collegiate and professional because
this is who Ariel brought to dinner 2 weeks ago.....

and you might as well see this


...now back to "local team",
I am going on my
5th season as a ticket holder for the
BYU Cougars

# James Lark QB
# 15 Andrew Pulsipher QB
#57 Riley Nielsen QB
#9 Jake Heaps QB

It's looking good for freshman Jake Heaps(my prediction)


Friday, August 6, 2010

Utah grown

When the swede travels, I have to indulge my loneliness....
(I know, you think I give myself a pity party..)

Really, for years the swede has traveled away from
the home almost 1/2 the year.

I had many distractions that gave me opportunities to
be busy and feel "needed" by my daughters.
They are grown and
independent women living
on their own except for the 15 1/2 yr old...
(which leaves me basically alone).
Tonight, I decided on my way home from work to buy
the food I really wanted to eat.

My experience at Harmon's was more
than one could ask for..

I ended up buying "Utah Grown" food.
check this divine plater of wholesome fresh goodness.

FRUIT: garden grown strawberries, apples, peaches.
SALAMI: Sopressata (pork, herbs, garlic)
CHEESE: Utah "Beehive Buzz"-white cheddar with
ground espresso bean, lavender.
Dried fig & almond pressed pate.
BREAD: Fresh baked ciabatta (Lehi Mills organic flour)

It doesn't look like much of a meal, but it is so rich with flavor
and it satisfied my loneliness.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

that last post..

I really try to be creative, professional in my postings..but this last
one about Zion turned out awful.
I tired to do some editing on my PC at work..but I think that
MS.MAC & Persnickety PC don't like each other.

(that's a bummer for me, because sometimes
I have a few minutes during my work day to blog...)

OH WELL...next!

Monday, August 2, 2010

my favorite season..

Part of Speech:noun
Definition:hot of the year
daylight savings time, dog days,midsummer,
picnic days, riot time, summer solstice,
summertime,sunny season

And here is Y....

(filling my bucket list)

1.went to Canyonlands National Park
2. went to Zion National Park
3. went to Capitol Reef National Park
4.multiple family reunions this year

Here are some shots from:
Zion Family Reunion..
AKA the Swenson Family

Pictured below are those who
represented the family.

The famous entrance picture of Zion National Park.

the Swede (below)
and Dallas Sophie hiked the
narrows and scaled the rock walls.

Ariel(R) and Cassidy(L) ready to
take on the others in the paint ball wars.

I am so afraid of heights but I took on the challenge to "zip line"
(I ended up going over and over again.)
(I really am having fun)

..say "cheese" Dallas....cousins loaded
onto horse driven wagon
for a "dutch oven" dinner

..on your way out of Zion you must stop at
the buffalo ranch on the east entrance and pose
with this handsome strong warrior and
have a buffalo burger.

Here is the honoree of this family reunion
the grand matriarch Margie; at 87 yrs old.

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