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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Visiting the past

Here is the short adventure that
the 'swede' and I drove 760 miles to see
in two days.

We crossed the Continental Divide around 9 times.

We set up camp in "missionary village" Alcova Wyoming.
We were the only ones tent camping which made
me freak out a bit.
The wind's blew constantly around 40-60 mph.
(no really!)

This is where one of my "people" survived
the horrible ordeal at this juncture on their trek to Utah.

We pulled a hand cart 6 miles to Martin's Cove; this is
where Joseph Beswick and 500 other people
took refuge from the winter storm.

On our way home we stopped at Fort Bridger, where the
California, Oregon and Pony Express along with the Mormon Trails
could replenish their supplies.
It is a great place to spend hours walking around.

These cabins (motel's) were built in the early 30's to
give the weary traveler a place to stay.

The Wyoming historical foundations
recently restore these quaint cabins.

This home was the Army Generals home at Ft Bridger.

These two courageous family members are why I went to
Martin's Cove this summer.
They are my paternal third great grandmother and
second great grand father.
They came from Liverpool England.
Ann died along the trail to Salt Lake City.
Joseph survived and settled in the San Pete County of Utah,
married and had my great grandmother Jane Ann
who had my grandfather Joseph Terry. (my dad' father)

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Katie said...

Ohh, that looks so fun! You guys are awesome!

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