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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Get-Away

Capitol Reef National Park is one of
those kind-a obscure places
off the beaten track that is not normally traveled by millions.
It is a destination.

I had to see this one last park in Utah before I could
begin my sojourn up in Idaho and Montana for
my next adventures

This area is called the "Orchard" which fairly obvious.
In the late 1800's several families settle here to homestead.
They have kept this area intact and it is a wonderful camp ground.
If it wasn't for the seclusion in this canyon,
I could consider living here....

In the campground, a view from inside the tent..
can you believe the panoramic scene?
There are trails and a rushing river near bye.

The hiking was nice, the weather really was a mild 80 something degrees
(that's cool for this time of year)

ok....no comment on this monument.
(Mother nature must be telling us something.)

I spy the swede.
We think this is the "Capitol" rock monument
(there were no signs or markings)

In departing from the park we were surprised to come upon :
Cafe diablo in
Torrey, Utah population: 171
We had to dine here because well, it was quaint and it was packed with families, biker dudes and an assortment of nature loving people.

This is what the swede ordered: Local raised lamb,
I was very impressed by the display, but the food
was lacking in flavor.
I would give it a 3 star*** rating.
**I hope to return to this National Park next year.

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