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Monday, August 2, 2010

my favorite season..

Part of Speech:noun
Definition:hot of the year
daylight savings time, dog days,midsummer,
picnic days, riot time, summer solstice,
summertime,sunny season

And here is Y....

(filling my bucket list)

1.went to Canyonlands National Park
2. went to Zion National Park
3. went to Capitol Reef National Park
4.multiple family reunions this year

Here are some shots from:
Zion Family Reunion..
AKA the Swenson Family

Pictured below are those who
represented the family.

The famous entrance picture of Zion National Park.

the Swede (below)
and Dallas Sophie hiked the
narrows and scaled the rock walls.

Ariel(R) and Cassidy(L) ready to
take on the others in the paint ball wars.

I am so afraid of heights but I took on the challenge to "zip line"
(I ended up going over and over again.)
(I really am having fun)

..say "cheese" Dallas....cousins loaded
onto horse driven wagon
for a "dutch oven" dinner

..on your way out of Zion you must stop at
the buffalo ranch on the east entrance and pose
with this handsome strong warrior and
have a buffalo burger.

Here is the honoree of this family reunion
the grand matriarch Margie; at 87 yrs old.

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