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March 2016

Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Life for Succulants

I have wanted to plant an arrangement of 
succulents for quit sometime now and with
 inspiration from my visit to Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach, CA
 I was recently shopping at IKEA and low and behold 
The Succulent
The encyclopedia of Succulents contains 49 plant families,
 409 plant genera and includes
 7474 scientific names and synonyms.
 4763 taxa and cultivars have their individual description sheet,
 1455 of which are accepted scientific names,
 161 cultivars names and 5858 synonyms.

Here are the varieties I selected.

I had this large glass bowl that I have used for years to
 hold salads in for large groups but decided that it
 was time for it to be of good use as the home for the succulents.

I added the layer of small pebbles( as shown in photo above).
I arranged the succulents and filled in the area with
very small pebbles to give the look in this photo.

Here is a photo of my inspiration from Rogers Garden.
This is a basket with sponge moss and succulents.

This is really an experiment planting the succulents in rock,
 I'll see if they like this environment.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Olympic LOVE

I can't help but love it when it's Olympic Year....

I learned about this woman who was a strong
advocate in getting this event into the Olympics.


In 2001, Burke, a former moguls skier who trained with the fellows to master the then- nascent sport of freeskiing, was one of few female skiers to compete in what many consider the first women's ski pipe event at Vail's U.S. Open. In 2005, she lobbied X Games organizers to not just display women skiers in the pipe, but pay them the same purse as men.

Read more: With first women's Olympic ski halfpipe, a dream for late Sarah Burke is fulfilled - The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/olympics/ci_25194189/after-womens-olympic-ski-halfpipe-dream-late-sarah#ixzz2tyykJvzM

Here are the first winners of metals in this event:
Gold: Maddie Bowmand (USA)
Silver: Marie Martinod(France)
Ayana Onozuka (Japan)

It was nice to see these women pay special tribute to Sarah Burke.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sister Swenson

She has arrived...today she flew to Ellicott City, Maryland to 
be welcomed as a new missionary.
Sister..(L-R) Katlin, Sister Swenson, Aubry, Ariel

Giving the good-by hug..Dallas did well here at the
Provo Temple, she did well-up a bit, but she stayed strong.

Just adding this caption, brings tears to my eyes..
it is very quiet around this home without her.

Her name tag in the mission training center.

Sister Swenson and her district companions in the MTC.
Life is good
May God watch over you..

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