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March 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Car History

Here is the documentation of :

In chronological order of appearance in
my first life (marriage to Scot)
**yes, I was married before I married the "swede"**

Back from college 1978 Orange VW Bug

Scot owned this car(Porsche 914) when we got married in 1978.
My younger brother totaled it.

We bought this car
(I had dreamed of this car when I was in high school)
soon after we got married
before daughter #1 was born in 1980.

Don't laugh, I drove this car for months(1957 Cadillac)...this was
the color -a light lavender, it was a boat!

Scot brought this car(Fiat) home
and I knew we were poor...
I drove around with 2 kids in this car.

Then he brought this car(Chevy Nomad) home
and I felt like a real
"surf bum"

He saw this car(Pontiac Firebird) in the Auto Trader magazine-
I had no idea that once again
I would be driving a convertible with 3 kids!

I finally pleaded with him to get me
a safe reliable car...volia..the Volvo Sedan

At this point in time, I had become a Southern
California bonefide "Yuppie" chick,
and requested a 3rd seat Volvo wagon.
It was a turbo.
I drove the above car for years until....
the D word happened to me and my marriage.

Scot had bought this truck for our business...and
so the Volvo went and the VW rabbit truck
became my only transportation.
(that was not fun driving 3 children around in it.)

Thus ended the crazy history of my first life car history.
To be continued....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts on March Madness

I know what you are thinking......

How can a fifty three year old woman
have an opinion or a perspective on the
NCAA Basketball's March Madness?

Easy... because I love watching and cheering for my home team
Come on, it's a no brainer to want to see a very talented player like
Jimmer Fredette have success.

They say he is an ordinary looking young man...

But if you have seen him play at least one game,
let alone the 32 I have watched...
you would know that he is far above any old
GREAT player.

He is even mentioned by my favorite sports critic,
Frank Deford on NPR. Listen here
(March Madness: Fans Love The Knock Out round)

Jimmer has been nominated for the P.O.Y. award.

Ok, I am sure that by now
you can tell that I have BEEN

**Take one more moment and watch this You tube video
(do you recognize those guys??, was that hilarious?)

"I am proud to be a Jimmerican"

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The Persians call it Nowruz (NO-ROOZ).
"New Day"
"New Light"

It is the start of Spring-beginning of a New Year.

Here are some of the symbols :

A ceremonial cloth is spread over the table
1. Sprouts-Rebirth
2. Pudding-Sweet New Life
3. Apples-Health & Beauty
4. Dried fruit(lotus tree) -Love
5. Garlic-Medicinal
6. Sumac berries-Sunrise/Good conquers Evil
7. Vinegar-Age & Patience

I am looking forward to
a beautiful, colorful Spring.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I need more...

Experience in bread making!!
I feel as though I have missed out by
not refining my bread making skills.

Is it too late??

Several weekends ago..I pulled out my
three ring binder cook book of recipes.

I collect these recipe's from magazine's,
web sites...etc. and came upon this one:

Braided Orange Bread

As I sliced into it, I could tell that it would
be a heavy bread, better toasted.
My family loved it, but I still need to bake a few more
to really perfect the light goodness of a really GOOD sweet bread.

stay tune...more adventure's in bread
making and other "delectable's!"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Friend..

I meet her at church, I was her teacher.
She was the only girl in an all boy class, so she needed my special attention.
She was emotional and loving
and the boys were very attentive to her.
I liked her from the very start.

Here she is, in 2009 at our class Halloween party
(she picked the cat mask!)

I am not longer her teacher, but we have stayed friends.
Hailey turned EIGHT years old and invited me to her baptism.

After the baptism, I stopped by her home to
give her a gift I had made her.

A flannel pillow case for a GR-8 year old!
I love Hailey and her family.

Monday, March 7, 2011

International Woman's Day 2011

Did you know by clicking on these web links you could learn
a little more than you already know about women?

Impressed or depressed?

Click here to have a bit of entertainment.

I'm wondering why we have not made this
a US national holiday?
(oh, I know..the nation would shut down)

Let me know if you attend an event in your area.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

..ahh, the Irish

As far as I can tell by my genealogical information,
I have NO Irish blood running through my veins.

I saw this on google image and loved it.
It is an Irish Claddagh Symbol.
A friendship symbol.
And so it is... my March header for my blog.

Here are some other friendship symbols I liked:
This one is a tattoo rendering.

If my mother were alive today, I would give
her this beautiful symbol of friendship and love.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Only cat lovers to read:

A new blog I just found by Yasmine S.
I know she will have a huge following.

I love my brutus,

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