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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Car History

Here is the documentation of :

In chronological order of appearance in
my first life (marriage to Scot)
**yes, I was married before I married the "swede"**

Back from college 1978 Orange VW Bug

Scot owned this car(Porsche 914) when we got married in 1978.
My younger brother totaled it.

We bought this car
(I had dreamed of this car when I was in high school)
soon after we got married
before daughter #1 was born in 1980.

Don't laugh, I drove this car for months(1957 Cadillac)...this was
the color -a light lavender, it was a boat!

Scot brought this car(Fiat) home
and I knew we were poor...
I drove around with 2 kids in this car.

Then he brought this car(Chevy Nomad) home
and I felt like a real
"surf bum"

He saw this car(Pontiac Firebird) in the Auto Trader magazine-
I had no idea that once again
I would be driving a convertible with 3 kids!

I finally pleaded with him to get me
a safe reliable car...volia..the Volvo Sedan

At this point in time, I had become a Southern
California bonefide "Yuppie" chick,
and requested a 3rd seat Volvo wagon.
It was a turbo.
I drove the above car for years until....
the D word happened to me and my marriage.

Scot had bought this truck for our business...and
so the Volvo went and the VW rabbit truck
became my only transportation.
(that was not fun driving 3 children around in it.)

Thus ended the crazy history of my first life car history.
To be continued....


Katlin Allen said...

OH Dad loved his cars! Good history, I loved that Volvo and the backward facing seats, hours of entertainment.

joel swenson said...

Wish we still had some of those cars...

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