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March 2016

Sunday, April 3, 2011


You can never tell what the weather will be like in the
months of April & May in Utah.
Here's an example...

This is what I woke up too, this morning at 6:00 am
(back yard)

This what I saw when I looked out onto the driveway..
..is that an open sunroof window left open from the 67 degree weather
from last night when the star's were all a-glow?
The "swede" left his sunroof open all night and guess
what he found?
He just laughed and said; "who knew it would snow 10 inches???

We decided to take advantage of this beautiful
spring snow storm and headed up the mountains to:

We put our snowshoes on and headed up the
pristine snow to the back side of Mt Timpanogos.
It was blue skies one moment and then a
cloud would pass over the sun.

All alone on unmarked trails amongst
the pines and aspen trees....(heaven)

For some reason the "swede" and I have to document
our adventures by taking self portraits.
(estoy en mi rostro natural)
I think...I like "bi-polar" Spring!


Vicki said...

What a guy! My husband would be saying **@!!XX**. ha. Such a positive
attitude--great pics.

Katlin Allen said...

LOVE IT!! Nice work Daddio leaving the sunroof open.

Terry Family said...

Wow snow in April! I couldn't be more ready for spring weather:)

joel swenson said...

Who is that bald guy in your husband's car? Nice noggin.

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