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March 2016

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Time

 For the next two weeks, the world will be focusing on the 
the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I  have learned by watching the seasons and preparing to plant my gardens 
 that the earth goes through this
incredible re-birth during Spring.

I believe that it is because God our Heavenly Father 
and Mother wept for their son during this moment in 
the earth's history that their tears brought a re-birth to the world.

"For God so loved the loved the world that 
he gave his only begotten son. 
-John 3:16

I love the art of the Resurrection.
 Here are a few images that really 
tell the viewer a sacred story.
(I apologize for not knowing the authors.)

He is not here for he has risen..
-Matthew 28:6

Luke 24:1-12

I feel so very blessed to be a disciple of Him.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tribute to Ireland

Today is March 17, 2013. 
In the US, we celebrate this day as St Patrick's Day
It is a day that I have been apart of and celebrated for 40 some ott years. 
I am not Irish nor do I know of any Irish ancestors. 
I like to wear green and indulge in some basic Irish foods on this day.

I just finished reading this book.

Mary Robinson was the first woman to become Irish President.
Mary served in the United Nations as the High Commissioner for Human Rights
She has established the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice

I really recommend reading this book if you like history, if you are a human rights activist.

Here are some very special and noteworthy quotes from the book.

*Note: I have taken these quotes and statements from
her book, there might be some small discrepancies.

We constitute a human family;
Instead of allowing diversity of race and culture to become
 a limiting factor of human exchange and development,
we must refocus our understanding, discern in such diversity the potential
 for mutual enrichment, realizing that it is the interchange between
great traditions of human spirituality that offers the
best prospects for the best human spirit itself. (human family)
The power of human rights is the idea that all people
 are born equal in dignity and rights.
But it's an idea that doesn't have an enormous army behind it.
Its an idea whose effectiveness depends on people
themselves believing in it, taking it up, and being willing to defend it.
-Dorothy Q. Thomas
Realizing Rights
Everyone should realise that he or she has birthrights of human rights-
(Countries that have signed up for (
Click to the blue link to read that declaration.
 The  Universal Declaration on Human Rights
-should realise those rights by implementing and Respecting them.

Women's Rights

If women are empowered to earn an income, or benefit from 
a minimum protective financial safety net (if not in a position to earn..)
children will not go hungry.

Women need not have power over men; but to themselves.

Women Activist + Feminist =STRONG
(affirmative connotation)

People whom Suffer

They are begging us, you see, in their wordless way,
To do something, to speak on their behalf,
Or at least not close the door again.
-Derek Mahon
They need our action, not our tears, our practical
downright, problem solving help. Not our wordless horror.

Our prayers, our pleas.... to listen-to bear witness.

Climate Change

Mary asked African villagers; " isn't  this just a bad patch of weather?"
The villagers answered; " This is different,...this is outside of our experience ".
(What is outside of our experience? estimated two hundred years ..
some ott yrs of words being passed down from one generation to another generation. )
Impacting the Horn of Africa
2011: 1.3 billion people out of the worlds population of 7.0 billion
 have no access to electricity, they rely on kerosene & candles, wood, 
coal, animal dung for cooking and heating.

I really feel that I can do more as a citizen of the world.
Here are some of Mary Robinson's suggestions:

Click on any of the below websites to learn more

1 Million Women-Global Alliance for Waste pickers

Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing

Women's Learning Partnership

ICRW-International Center  for Research on Women

*Let me know if you participate in any organizations that helps women.

Thanks for reading and thank you Mary Robinson
 for your passion to help others.


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Poultry, Hens, Chicks

The "swede" and I are what you could call urban farmers. 
Even though we are in our "fifties" we still dream about having a plot of land 
(5 acres or more) to have a sustainable lifestyle.
(I did say; in our dreams...)

We have been raising and nurturing our four hens for 
the past year, they have brought us joy when we go out to retrieve the 
brown eggs they have laid for our consumption. 

Our chicken coop
They LOVE to eat!
Egg laying nest

Horray...they did their best work today!

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