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March 2016

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Stage Left 2013

Exiting a Year brings about 365 days of memories. 
I think this year was packed with so many good times and good things
 that happened to me and to others in my family.
I want to re-cap it, but first I have to finish Christmas 2013.

Remember my narcissus I planted after Thanksgiving? 
They "forced" their way to find the light and matured into beautiful flowers.

We hosted Christmas dinner. We sat 11 people at this very large table. 

No one took a photo that day but 4 days later we had another Swenson party
 at my in-laws home.

Onto..my next recap post of 2013.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Little Cat Cheer

I love this cat, he loves me only because I scratch his ears, 
brush his long furry body and of course feed
 him twice a day with a late afternoon snack.

Christmas Cat Cheer!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas at The Scenesons

As we celebrate the Season, I have many small scenes 
around my home that remind me of family, friends 
and the birth of the Saviour.
Here are few...

Christmas cards are addressed and mailed out today.

A New Winter Wonderland scene in place.

So happy I have this vintage piece in my kitchen.
 I have a collection of Annalee dolls from my mother and
 from TJ Maxx. Thank you very much.
I almost bought a cat doll this year that looked just like my "buddy" (cat).
He had a red St Nick hat on his head...but I resisted because heaven knows
 I really don't need to add to anymore of my Christmas "stuff".

This is vintage abt 1990, my mom created this vignette upon
 a sprayed styro-foam platform.

These dolls were purchased in the last three years.
Annalee dolls all have the same basic painted face design.
The Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus are sitting chairs that my mom had collected.
She had an elaborate vignette at one time and some of these
 toy props are from her collections. The two elves are new.

It has been a tradition with me to force narcissus (paper whites) bulbs
the day after Thanksgiving.
Here we are in week 3 of December, hoping these bloom by Christmas. 
I love the smell of pine and when you have an artificial tree (heaven forbid),
I bring fresh cut pine boughs in.
This is in my entry of my home.
Christ in Red Robe
by Minerva Teichert.

Merry Christmas!

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