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March 2016

Friday, August 6, 2010

Utah grown

When the swede travels, I have to indulge my loneliness....
(I know, you think I give myself a pity party..)

Really, for years the swede has traveled away from
the home almost 1/2 the year.

I had many distractions that gave me opportunities to
be busy and feel "needed" by my daughters.
They are grown and
independent women living
on their own except for the 15 1/2 yr old...
(which leaves me basically alone).
Tonight, I decided on my way home from work to buy
the food I really wanted to eat.

My experience at Harmon's was more
than one could ask for..

I ended up buying "Utah Grown" food.
check this divine plater of wholesome fresh goodness.

FRUIT: garden grown strawberries, apples, peaches.
SALAMI: Sopressata (pork, herbs, garlic)
CHEESE: Utah "Beehive Buzz"-white cheddar with
ground espresso bean, lavender.
Dried fig & almond pressed pate.
BREAD: Fresh baked ciabatta (Lehi Mills organic flour)

It doesn't look like much of a meal, but it is so rich with flavor
and it satisfied my loneliness.


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