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March 2016

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking for a Job..

You would think at my age I could be content to live my life out the way I please! 

But when the economy is in ruins and your swede doesn't know if his job is secure(who really has this kind security in this day in age.)

We own 2 homes, have 1 car payment, 1 child attending a university, 1 child in Jr. high school who is a great  club soccer player, 1 crazy sewer,quilter, 2 skiers, 1 snowboarder, 2 females that love clothes. 1 horse owner..
well, can see the writing on the wall for me?

Looking for a job that can bring me the satisfaction of financial stability.

For resume and references email me @ melswen@comcast.net

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