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March 2016

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ground Hog Day

That is what my brother's and sister's called it, and it was
definitely that....a repeat
of last week's Hill Reunion. This week..
The Terry Reunion.

We had a small group but had a
great time with Games,
Food and my brother Reed's Trivia game.

Here are the
Terry Trio Three Musketeer's
(left..Reed, Middle.. Daddy Dear,
and Big brother Greg)

Our Family scored the highest points
for having the most attendees
because of these "Kissin" cousins
just love being around each other.

We hung the Fon & Kate Terry Family tree

We had our matriarch there, our sweet angel, Aunt Alene
(hope she doesn't mind me telling that she is 89 yrs old).
She walks without assistance and she has a sharp memory.
Her health is excellent!

Turf..aka Hilton..aka my father, had more fun
filming this 2010 reunion.
Who knows by the time he gets this video put together
we might be able to view it 10 yrs from now
but that's OK.
...it's all about family!


Jeana Rock said...

awesome! you captured the best moments!

Katlin Allen said...

good times!

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