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March 2016

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Middle age "Crush"

How many women have a husband that suggest going to
a movie knowingly that their wife has
a deep seeded "crush on the actor that is
starring in the movie??

Only the "Swede"........

Owen was at his very best in this flick.
He was so engaging to watch and to laugh
with in this VERY Woody Allen show.

My daughters tease me that I have this allure for him,
but it is really quit simple,
Owen Wilson is:
1. Cute in a surfer dude way..
2. He is a romantic..
3. His naivety is real..
4. He is who he acts..
5. The best lips and nose...
I loved him in:
"The Big Year"
with Steve Martin & Jack Black
(a must see comedy)

Seriously, how can you not look at
this cowboy and not smile?


Michelle said...

Melanie, do you remember who we had a crush on in HS? I'll give you a clue: He has 3 names
--- ------ -------. Now see if you remember and can fill in the blanks.

Melanie said...

Yes, I do remember, how could ever forget that incredibly handsome face....Jan Michael Vincent.

joel swenson said...

Jan Michael Vincent.... seriously.

Now Owen... there's a cool dude.

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