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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wrinkle Wrinkle Go Away.....

It's not a surprise that when a woman gets half way through
her life, she wonders what happened to all the elasticity in her skin?
(well, at least I did...)

Long ago, I was in the cosmetic industry, helping to make
women's skin beautiful and healthy.
I have tried to do the same thing for my skin.
I decided 7 yrs ago that I would try topical things that
would enhance the youthfulness within my skin.
2.Hydrating lotions
3. Night cremes
4. Essential fatty acid oils
5. Exfoliating
(everyday with a wash cloth)
6. Facial exercise

You know... "perk it up" a bit!
This is what I did recently.....

(it's a tad scary seeing me with naked skin)

I had Restylane injections around my mouth and
Botox between my eyes and forehead.
Yes, that is bruising that you see.
It was incredibly painful and I was bruised for a week.

Here is what my skin looks like 7 days after the injections.
I am wondering if it is that noticeable, it was expensive and painful.
It should last in appearance for 7 months.

Oh...the price of BEAUTY!!!


Vicki said...

Mel...You have always had beautiful skin! I always envied your whole face. I remember well your working -- cosmetic career days! We were such babies.

Marin said...

i can see a difference in the forehead, but you didn't need them. you are aging beautifully

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