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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Goodbye Martha-Part 1

Many may know that I have been a Martha Stewart follower
 (truly a follower)
I have admired her ability and talents(with her collaborators) to create
 and make entertaining and food beautiful and so much more.

I have collected 
Martha's magazines 
for over 20 years.

Have you closed your mouth yet?

I think at my age or  my stage in life has given the the time 
to finally go through boxes and boxes and boxes...of magazines.

I have to say; that it was easier than I thought it would be to
purge this really interesting obsession.  Be what it may... it was interesting 
the process or the steps that I took to do this dump!

I wanted to get photo's so I could look back on this final history, share
 with others that you can do this too! I leave you with this 
documentation so that my children will know and see that I cared enough 
(at least with the magazine obsession to throw it 
out so they would have to deal with it!)

 Part 1
I unpacked boxes by date, scanned each magazine and tore out 
whatever I thought was still an interest to me, that meant, patterns, 
clip art, articles that I wanted to read but never had the time. 
(that was time consuming)

Downstairs in what I call the dungeon, table set up and ready to go.

Martha published several types of magazines
through the 20 + year span.
I never counted the total magazines I kept but I think
 it was around 300+
Photo of her "Living" Magazine

A "Food" magazine that lasted only a few years

Loved, Loved the "Kids" magazine. It was full of fun crafts and
adventures and stories, science projects.

The BABY issues were the shortest lived, how can you
compete with Parenting Magazine and blogs!
While I was doing my purge, the Swede was going through his Sh_ _ !
We both had our moments of laughter and micro-managing each others Cr_ _!

Stay tune for Part 2..

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