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Monday, June 14, 2010

Flash Back Fun

What do you do on a Saturday night
when it has rained all day?

The Swede and I were
invited to go to
We were starved when we got there...I knew that
I was not going to eat a gourmet or natural food dinner..
so we checked every booth out and I give this one the "Best Presentation".
I really thought the log cabin look was appropriate for BBQ food.

We were told by the "locals" that the scone booth
was a must.. and we could not go without trying one.
It was fattening good!

We proceed to the out door theater and got fourth row seats
for the concert(more on that.. down below)
and the award ceremony of which my most favorite
cousin Leslie, received the "Resident Artist" award.
She was honored for her 20 yrs of talent, directing plays and children choirs.

The Headliner for the evening concert was:
You really had to have been around in
the mid 1970's to know thier music..
**"Dance With Me"**
*"Still the One"*
It was fun and Leslie and I acted like
we were 19 yrs old, singing, clapping
and yelling!

The concert ended around 9:45 pm
so we decided to walk the Miday,
Leslie said that this same carnival company is the
same one the we used to go to when visiting
our grandparents in Spanish Fork when we were young.

This booth was so unique, guess what they sold?

Here we are, ready to have a sweet snack at Teresa's

We ended the night watching the 20 min firework show.
I love small town Fun!

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Jeana Rock said...

I'm jealous! It looks like so much fun! Congrats, Leslie! You deserve much more that an award! You deserve a week in Hawaii!

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