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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Palin & Me

Only one thing in common with Sarah.....
(well, beside being a wife, mother, grandmother,
love of the outdoors, no political views or affiliation)

Watch D


9 on ABC

Barbara Walter


“10 most Fasinating People”

Times magazine cover story about Sarah Palin:

Less well known was the Palin

who agitated for more access to the media

(other than KatieCouric), who was seen more than once

passed out on her hotel bed half-buried in

briefing books and index cards and whose

thriftiness when it came to her wardrobe was

so obvious that one senior strategist clucked of the Palins,

“These people shop at Dillards!”

Here is

another quote from the same time magazine aricle that

I found in the blog: SLATE

"There's another woman profiled in the Times

this week whose branding

sometimes contradicts itself and who

is described by

a fan-turned-staffer as "the most ordinary person."

This is of course, former Vice Presidential candidate, and potential

future Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Palin is very

far from ordinary, despite some of

her more relatable trappings

(a McCain strategist once said of Sarah and Todd,

"These people shop at Dillards!"

I bought my dress 3 weeks ago at Dillard's (before I saw this interview)

for a wedding of one of my co-workers. It is an Antonio Melani (size 4).

OK...e..nouff! :)

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