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March 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2011

it started to rain...

..and then it POURED!!!

Or better yet;
"it never rains, it just pours"!

This is how life has been at the "lefty fifty" household.

1. the swedes PC totally crashed!
-had to buy a new MAC book $2,500

2. the swedes car would only accelerate to 20 mph
-new parts: $700

3. my car's transmission went out...$10,000 to fix everything
-I bought a gently used Volvo x60, $10,500

4. swede backs into my new car...
-no estimate on the cost to fix it
5. swede needs root canal
-$400 to fix

6. swede cracks crown after root canal
-$400 new crown

7. rental home in California needs a new water heater
-$550 to first fix the leak...
-then $1,150 to install new one.

Just blogging about this makes..
my head hurts!!

I decided to put on my

And be......


Tiffany said...

Yikes! The same has happened to us but on a smaller scale. I thought things were only supposed to happen in 3s! Wishing you a wonderful week and sunshine too!

Terry Family said...

Wow you guys really have a lot going on. Seriously though the charges for the root canal and crown are quite a good deal compared to here:)

Vicki said...

Wowza. Life really is so interesting how nothing can ever stay problem free. It is always something!

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