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Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Mother

I truely want this post to reflect the very essence of
 the woman who gave birth to me and raised me to be
 the kind of person I have turned out to be today. 
(although she may roll over in her grave)

Sharlene Hill at age 18. Short hair and very thin.
Mom with Jeana and Greg. She is pregnant with me in this  photo,
she and dad were finishing up their studies at
Mom had three children in three years!
Sharlene (my mom) and her twin brother Sheril.
Mom was born first. They were very close to each other.
I think they are around 69 yrs old in this photo.

I love this photo, although it is posed, this was taken
 in November of 1978.
Mom came out several times from Missouri to California
 to help me with wedding plans. 
Mom and her parents and siblings, not sure when this photo was taken.
I am guessing by the styles of hair and clothing, it was around 1978-1980.
Sharlene is sitting far right)

Mom was doing well when this photo was
taken of her at Katlin's graduation. circa 2004.
She passed away in May of 2006. She was 73 yrs old.

Independent woman who raised 5 children.
 Dedicated wife.
Always served in varies church postions.
Wonderful seamstress.
Loved to teach.

She is missed by her posterity that knew her and loved her deeply.

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Alissa said...

I love seeing all these photos since I never met her. Westin still talked about her all the time:)

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