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Monday, January 21, 2013

DYI- Making a paper festooning tutorial

This  is my very first attempt of making a photo tutorial:
How to Make A
Tissue Paper Festooning
materials needed
Two colors of tissue paper
unfold and hand press flat.

Fold in half

Fold in half again

Take string (I used kite string) 
Staple the side of tissue to enclose the string.
Cut all edges of folded paper.
Fold in half (this will make cutting take less time.)
cut the length of folded paper plus 2 inches more. 

Begin to cut up to your staple fold line. 
Here is the your festooning ready to fluff.
To fluff, separate and roll and fluff in your hands.

Pictured here is four lengths fluffed.
I tied all four lengths and made one long garland.

Here is the finished garland.
I am excited to add this decoration to my Academy Award Party on
Sunday, February 24

(more on that later)


Anonymous said...

Good job! Easy to follow. The part about the string. Are you just cutting it to length?

Katlin Allen said...

Super cute!

Katlin Allen said...

Super Cute! doesn't seem that difficult.

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