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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mystery Package

I received an interesting and very mysterious package this week. 

Even the mail carrier was intrigued by the mailing label from...
  Panevezys, Lithuanaia!
I looked at him with intimidation as I signed the certified mail slip, wondering
 who I knew in this country, I was not sure where it was located on a map?

I needed a witness to my demise as I opened the box.(in case there was a bomb or something disastrous enclosed). My husband fit the part.

I opened the box carefully and looked inside...
What was this???
Dead person bones?
Sugar Cane?
It was labeled with Latin words....
I looked on the packing list to get more clues..

My Peony Roots!
I had ordered these roots in June..

I had no idea that I had ordered peony roots from Lithuania!
I now have an exclusive peony garden.

I must plant them now! :)

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