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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Little Women of Marmee (Melanie)

Dallas, Katlin, Me, Aubry, Ariel
Aubry Ann is my first born. 
She is going to have her third child.  
She looks most like me. 
She is a full time mom and part time employed. 
She loves to volunteer at school and her kids sport activities. 
She loves to shop, craft, eat, and be on the move. 
She loves her husband Todd
She loves to read
 (currently the Twilight series.)
She watches pro wrestling 
Katlin Kay is daughter two.
She's the college graduate in English
She is my protege.
She is an organizational whiz..loves to clean
Her side-kick is her apple lap-top
She is Single 
(it's time to start the husband search)
She has read all the Twilight series.
Ariel Terry is our blond disguised as a brunette
(I might take a hit for that one..) 
She is currently attending  Utah Valley University.
She is an optimist that see goodness in all.
She is our Fashion Diva, loves expensive things.
She has a voice and passion for every cause.
She is obsessed with Face book. 
She is a good conversationalist.
 Dallas Sophie knows how to hold her own with all the big sisters.
She loves soccer
(she is in her ninth year of playing)
She is a Disney Kidcaster
She is very determined to get a "Juicy Couture" outfit.
She is playful with her dog "Biscuit".
(he loves her.)
She loves to collect and keep lots of little junkie things.

As I laugh and cry with these daughters over their everyday pranks and problems... sigh, with them over their dreams of wealth, fame, homes and families of their own, or just "being good".  I cherish these moments of living with these "little women" if only for a few moments in time.

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