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Friday, November 14, 2008

My version of Tom & Jerry

On Sunday this week, late at night, Joel was up watching late night TV when he heard a squeek..he looked down on the floor to see "Buddy" (kitty) with a mouse in his mouth! (the cat comes in from the outside thru the "doggie"door.)

Joel then moved a little to fast..Buddy got scared and released the mouse, the mouse ran under the sofa....and here is where we begin the Tom & Jerry saga!

For the past five days we have a mouse living under the stove. We set two mouse traps with peanut butter..this mouse is a great escape artist, he managed to gobbled up the pb without a SNAP!

Buddy holds vigil by the stove everyday...

Today is "dooms-day" for little mouse, we bringing the big guns in...Decon mouse trap hotels!

Sorry to all mouse lovers but this ones got to go...:(


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