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Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Lost in Nostalgia"

I came across these photos of my favorite TV show in the late 60"s.

This family had its share of alien problems, 
along with other corny mishaps and adventures.
Angela Cartwright was the teenager daughter, she has had 
a great TV and motion picture career.
She is also a very creative person.

My sister Jeana, had this fixation on Billie Mumy  aka-Will Robinson
(the youngest in the show.)
The Mom is June Lockheart, I first remember seeing
 her at the movies in my elementary school's cafeteria. 
She was the Mom in the "Lassie" series.

I'm not sure about the rest of the cast..oh, the stow-away 
was Dr Zachery Smith who was always up to some deviant scheme.

The Robot will go down in history as it's famous sayings..
 " Warning, Warning" 
"Danger Will Robinson"

If you have never seen one of these series, check it out, 
it was age of low technology and stupid fun.


Daisymay said...

Mel, That is funny that you are talking about Lost in Space. My husband just purchased the whole set and we have been watching one a night. And to think, I use to get soooo scared sometimes. My crush was on Don man. Not the young 'un, but the macho man. :)

Karl & Cheryl said...

Angela - Penny
June - Maureen
Guy Williams - Prof. John Robinson
Mark Goddard - Major Don West
Marta Kristen - Judy
Jonathan Harris - Dr. Zachary Smith

Oh, and the robot took two people, Bob May who was the inside man because he fit the suit and Dick Tufeld, who immortalized the words "Danger Will Robinson!"

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