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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Letting Go..

I have not mastered the art of "Letting Go", what I mean is, there are certain things that reeeallly bother me.

Maybe it is because I am in my middle years of life and have seen things that I cannot change or know will NOT change.

Here are a few examples:
(not in order of importance)
-My local TJ Maxx is filthy, trashy, unorganized=poorly managed!
- I have not yet found a job.
-Driving in Utah (the worst drivers in the US)
Why many in the middle east countries repress women
I could go on..but you might think I have OCD...

My father taught me this since I was a young girl to

OK, I say, easier said than done!
I found this web-site that deals with Positive Health, maybe I have
 just diagnosed my inability to let go..
Google: "Don't Let"
and see the results!

  Sometimes I wish I was perfect!

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