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Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Sister Jeana

It Was a Beautiful Warm Summer Day
to Graduate with Her Masters in Media Education.

This is my oldest sister, Jeana
I had to say goodbye to her, two years ago when she
under took this goal of getting her Masters Degree.
I had to be a loner of sorts, not having my best friend
to play with for a very long time.

But, now she is back..and I am so happy :)
1.We have Lunched Together,
2. Shopped Together,
3. Hiked and Walked Together
4. Sewn Quilts Together

Life is very good now, that she can play again!

This is what I made her (not bound or quilted yet)
to celebrate this momentous occasion in her life!
Way to Go! I love you!
"Off Kilter" Quilt (Close Up)


Jeana Rock said...

Your gift is out of proportion to the accomplishment. You are a precious sister and my best friend.

Juana said...

Hi Melanie--

What a lovely tribute and the quilt is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Thank you for being such a supportive sister. That is just one of the reasons I love you!


Katlin Allen said...

Yay MOM... it's so cute! good work. :-) I'm so proud I have a mom that can be so crafty.

Busty LaRue said...

Way cute quilt!

Way to go Jeana!

Amy Jones said...

Cutest quilt! I'm totally in awe! Good job.

Congrats, Jeana! We're proud of you too.

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