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March 2016

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting the JOB!!!

This has been 9 months in the undertaking..

I signed my acceptance papers today..
Got Background checked
Got drug tested
I am now working for

Job Title:

Support Coordinator

The persuit of getting a job has taught me these essential things:

1. Believe in yourself(you are your best advocate)
2.Know your strengths
3. Fine tune your skills
4. Persevere through rejection
5. Be Happy and positive
6. Keeping the momentum of the search alive
(this means everyday you are working towards gaining employment)
7. Sell yourself
(I had to do this, in three
separate days of interviews.
8. Don't give yourself an excuse for not applying for a certain job..
(Ok, the one's that you are quailified for)
9. Be grateful for this opportunity
10. Celebrate when you accomplish the goal!

Humm..what should I do for my family
to give them their thanks for supporting me in
this job search??


Jaremy said...

Yeah!! Congratulations. You'll be great.

Katie said...

Opps! That last comment was me... accidentally logged in as my nephew Jaremy.

Alissa said...

Yeah congratulations! Welcome back to the working world:)

Ashley Webb said...

Congrats!! That is so exciting - you'll have to let us know how you like it.

joel swenson said...

Go Melanie!!!

We're excited for this great new opportunity to expand and progress.

Next stop... graduation!

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