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Friday, December 11, 2009

John Stossel

It all started when ABC aired 20/20. I have been a dedicated viewer this TV program for many years, it has been a fact that I primarily watched it because of John Stossel. (He joined 20/20 as a consumer-affairs reporter in 1981. His profile grew as his opinioated libertarian-flavored advocacy, running against the grain of traditional broadcast journalism, drew both wild adherents and wild detractors. He defined consumer affairs in an assertively broad way: global warming, health care, civil liberties, social security, free trade, anger management.)
I have liked his contrary attitude, he seemed to look at reporting from a pessimistic or critical vantage point to the normal point of view.

I'm not sure about his jump to FOX Broadcasting, but his program will aire for one hour on Thursday evenings. Click here to read more.

I AM HAPPY-I will be watching.......

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Busty LaRue said...

You know what's funny about FOX? Glenn Beck moved from CNN to FOX and his opinions totally changed on healthcare. I think it does things to people. Haha. Hopefully Stossel won't be affected.

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