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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Living Christmas

I've spent many years thinking about this magical holiday.
The colors, the fun; the
music, the smells of
special foods, the secrets, crackling fires,
the greeting cards, Santa, all get me feeling very happy.

When I was young my parents made this season
so memorable and festive. It was very hard for me to
contain the secrets of what was wrapped under the tree,
so many times I un-wrapped my presents.

Christmas Day was the ultimate in love, laughter and
pure joy of getting that
one present that only Santa knew about!
Because I come from a large family;
(I am the middle child of five siblings).
The excitement of that day was filled with opening presents,
playing games, and lots of food. My parents would loads us
kids in the car and off we would go to visit friends.
(my parents families lived in another state).

These traditions and memories have helped me
celebrate this holiday with my own family.

I have done Christmas every which way I could think of...
I heard a thought today, that was so wonderful,
I thought I would try doing it this Season, it is;
"Living Christmas" instead of how we celebrate it.

Remembering the Saviour
His life and mission on this earth
His unconditional love he has for me
and for all the inhabitants of this world.

What an astonishing gift He gave to us!

Here is my inspiration for today,

"I believe that the eternal lesson of
Christmas is to inspire us to use our God
given gifts to build a better world".
Norman Vincent Peale

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joel swenson said...

Nice... let's live it.

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