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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The "Oh..Well"..Quilt

"Oh well"... is what Sharlene (mom) would say when
things weren't going right or when you just couldn't change what
the crisis was that befall you at that moment.

I have adapted this phrase in my vocabulary.

My sister Jeana and I set our minds on making a
quilt for "baby" Allison for
her 44 b-day on her recent visit.

We saw a fun looking quilt called; Snowball and decided
that was the one we would make her.

We began cutting, piecing, sewing, our share of the squares
that would be pieced together to make this fun looking quilt.

Here is what the backside of this quilt looked like.
It was an extremely labor intensive quilt, small pieces.
Each square measured 5 3/4 inches.
There were 39 squares of each 5 patterned fabric's, so if you are good
with numbers please do the math.

Here is the front view
(do you see the snowball illusion?)

Quilt with sashing

Allison with finished quilt. It measured 57 x 61
Estimated time: 40 hours..."oh well"!


joel swenson said...


I love your talent to create things that make people happy...

Jeana Rock said...

It looks so good! This was one of my favorites -- not to make, but to look at!

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