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March 2016

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break 2010-The Beginning

It has been almost a year since my last visit to So Calif.
(I refuse to refer to Southern California by the
cheap name of Callie ..!!)

OK, I got that off my mind.

We, (Dallas Sophie, the swede and me ) made it here, to Costa Mesa,
in 10 hours with an hour stop in Vegas.

As we moved southwest, the weather
was warmer and more humid.

Dallas began to notice things that she has not seen
or realized about the California coast.
1. Palm Trees
2. Humidity
3. Lots of Cars
4. How fast people drive..
5. Sunshine

Our first stop was Little Corona (for all you locals) and for those that are not,
this is a small semi-private beach in Corona Del Mar.

We got a tad of a sunburn, but we didn't care..it was
so relaxing and the ocean breeze smelled so great!!

The Swede was definitely in his element,
(you can take the surfer away from the surf, but you
can't take the surf fever away from the surfer... Ha..Ha)
We brought only the boogie boards, but soon, he'll be up
on his long board.

San Onofre & HB here we come!


Katie said...

So glad you took grammy to the beach. She looks so happy to be there... her favorite place on earth. I bet she had a great time.

Bradley with a B said...

Sooooo lucky!! I've had surf fever ever since i arrived here in Utah! hahaha, have a great trip down there!

Beth Lynn Dishman said...

You guys look like you're having sooooo much fun! Hope you relax, chill, and have a groovy time! Miss ya'll so much!
Love you, Beth Lynn

Jeana Rock said...

Uh, Joel, You're supposed to put that thing in the ocean!

Katlin Allen said...

I miss Little Corona!

joel swenson said...

gotta love the beach... the pacific rocks my socks... or better said... my booties.

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