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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Montage of Family Summer Vacation Final Cut

Reflecting back on this summer vacation with all my
family maybe a life time experience I may never have again.
(who knows right)?

Here is a montage and the final cut of that summer fun

Farren on my decorated 4th of July bike.
We went to the Provo Parade.

WE SURVIVED the PROVO RIVER (after shot)
The "swede" took great video of us all...riding the lazy river.
I will have to post that video when he has finished
editing it and posting it on YOUTUBE

These next three pictures were taken on a hike to
Stewart Falls up in Provo canyon.

Weeping rock (Zion National Park)
This picture is not a movie screen set..it's the real McCoy!
Aubry, Katlin, Dallas
(Ariel missing from pic. She had to go back to work)

Our night visitor that kept me awake
and not wanting to scare it away.
(you know what I mean?)

Posing in the Zion narrows.
Farren, Todd, Dallas

Duran in one of her only photo's smiling on this vacation.

Experiencing the red rock (Zion)
Farren and Aunt Dallas

Finn on his "four wheeled" friend

Farren out for a leisure ride and a "four legged" animal.

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