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March 2016

Sunday, March 11, 2018


I turned 60 this year..

I dreaded the thought and the reality for months before this birthday would happen.  I'm not really one to care about birthday celebrations but the aging process hasn't been on my top ten list EVER!

I know that this life is all about learning, experiencing, doing and receiving life's challenges, I know that you can't stop the process unless you have a big blip of death happen to you.  This event caused me to really reflect on my health and well being and the person that I AM NOW...the person that I WANT to become ten years from now... if I'm still here. 😉

This year so far, has allowed me to be:
  • be creative in my sewing room (finishing up past projects)
  • make recipes in the kitchen that I has always wanted to try
  • blogging again
  • de-cluttering my home (trying to get to the "minimalist" life)
  • participating in areas of activism/civic action
  • spending time with my grandchildren
  • loving my daughters, son-in-laws more
I'm not there yet with getting older. The truth is that my consciousness is fixed on aging and I need to dismiss this nagging negative and just live it day to day. That is my birthday gift to myself.

I wanted to document this birthday so-sorry for all the photo's, it's just an indulgence all of us need in the aging process.

Cheers to 60!!
Me with the Swede..aka Joel
Our daughters and spouses took me out to dinner at HSL in Salt Lake City

I asked for "no gifts please" 

My doppelganger

The Hippie Version

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