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March 2016

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I reached a 150!

Ah.. anything in it that says 50 I just love!

I have blogged 150 entries this day.

*I know that I will never live to be a 150..
*I may make 150 quilts before I leave this frail existence..
*I know I have made over a whopping 150 family meals..
*I have bought well over 150 items of clothing..
*I have kissed the swede 150 times..and maybe other 
things pertaining to love!
*I have traveled over 150 miles to see loved ones get married, 
celebrate births and deaths.
*I will have 150 grey hairs this year!

Wishing you all a Happy 150!
Have a piece of chocolate on me..


joel swenson said...

Yee Haa!!! Congratulations.

ryne and danielle said...

hey melanie! i figured out how to delete a blog you are currently following. this is how to do it:
1. go to your profile that displays your blogs, interests etc.
2. down at the bottom it has a list of all the blogs you are following. click on that tab
3. on the right of all your followed blogs is a trash can, just click that and it should delete. let me know if it doesn't work. good luck!


happy 150!

Hey It's Di said...

Don't mind if I do have a chocolate...er two. HAPPY 150!!

Jeana Rock said...

I'll take the man with the gun.

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