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March 2016

Friday, February 20, 2009


Mondays seem to be a good day to recover from the busy weekends events and going ons..

On Saturday went to
 a Bridal Shower
(for Rachel)
shopped with Ariel at William Sonoma for my B-Day gift.
(Kitchen fun things, thanks Air!)
 I picked the Swede up from the Airport, he had been in Cancun Mexico on a show...
then off to downtown Salt Lake City to eat at the "Crab Festival" at the Market Street Grill
Met up with family at the BYU/UC San Diego Volleyball Game 
(BYU won Friday and Saturday nights 6-0)
After game family went to Sub Zero for a chocolate custard Oreo ice cream!

Came home went to sleep...zzzzzzzz
Sunday couldn't' eat because I was doing a COLON FAST for My MONDAY COLONoscopy !
Wow..Huge Fun..

Monday 5:30 a.m.
check into Out- patient
have this..

No Problems here!! Yeah not for another 10 years.


dallas and Kim said...

How was it?!? I'm supposed to go too, but am trying to decide between going or whether ignorance is bliss should be the order of the day. (my husband won't even go get his cholesterol checked!) - Kim

joel swenson said...

The pictures are just... TMI

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