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Monday, September 14, 2009

These Guys....

Ok, most of you know that I have been job searching for months and
then got hired at BYU Bookstore in the E-Commerce Dept.
It is a job that is very physical, I have lost 12 lbs.
(it has taken me about 3 weeks) I guess you
could call it a "perk"?

I'm not sure that starting in this dept at football season was a
good idea because of this one item that is sold on their web-site.
The orders came pouring in.
Here it is:
This sold as a $20.00 dollar shirt for $5.00

Here is my story about that shirt.

I was asked one day if I would be interested in working
some extra hours in the silk screening dept.(In-house)
I agreed and the next day, started folding
those shirts with these fun, crazy men.
Little did I know that these guys would would make
that boring chore so much fun and here is why....

(left to right) Spencer (student, from So Cal)
Rory (head master printer)
Sam (Minnesota, student) Bruce (grew up in the OC)
I want to thank "These Guys" for making work bearable!
Go Cougars!!


UncleGrandpa said...

You have made our lives and our work filled with passion and enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing time with us each day. :~)

Vicki said...

I have been looking at your blog for like 30 minutes! I can't believe all the fun projects you do. I remember in your young married days, when we were all poor and your mom used to bring you the cutest things she had made. I want some tutorials on some of this stuff!

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