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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mystery Solved

In 1957 these two people had to make
a decision about what to name their
new baby that would be born in 1958.

The story goes that they came up with two names;

These were girl names, I have never heard what the boy name would have been,
but back in those days you could not predict what sex your unborn child would be.

They choose Melanie because of this woman

Melanie de Proft

She was the director of CAI,(Culinary Arts Institute) replacing Ruth Berolzheimer,
She was a renowned cook book writer click here to see the many cook books she published.

My mom had told me over the years that she got my name from a French cook named Melanie.
My research came up with Melanie deProft who was very popular
with American homemakers in the early
1950's-late 1960's.

I have not been unable to find a picture of her...
maybe a photo of her lurks within her cookbooks.

I will have to continue the search for this Melanie....


Katlin Allen said...

I never knew this! And I like it :-)

Jeana Rock said...

I never knew this either. Stop keeping secrets, Sis!

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