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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Sensational Strawberry

I have vivid memories of getting on a school bus
Saturday mornings and heading
to the strawberry fields in Portland Oregon,
as a young girl I picked these berries.
I made $1.25 for my days work.

One of the perks were; you could eat
all the strawberries you wanted.

When my family moved to Huntington Beach Calif., it was not uncommon to to see fields and fields of strawberry plants. By then, the pickers were immigrants from Mexico.

Today, living in Utah, I must say, that this state
gets the very best berries available on the market.
I don't know the reason, but it is a fact.

We love this fruit and look forward to
it's appearance every March -May.

Here is a great way to bring unique flavor and taste to this fruit in a different way.

(sorry the image is so small, this what it says);
1.Melted red white chocolate
2. Sour cream & brown sugar
3. Melted chocolate and mixed nuts
4. White and dark chocolate
5. Yogurt, granola
6. Lemon curd with grated lemon peel.
7. Honey with cracked pepper
8. Honey, lime juice, snipped fresh mint leaves.
9. Melted caramel
10. Vanilla frosting and toasted coconut.

Celebrate with your own Strawberry Festival


Vicki said...

Yum! my mouth is watering just reading this!

Jeana Rock said...

The berry picking is one of my favorite memories. It was backbreaking work picking strawberries, but the raspberries were my favorite. No bending, some shade, and I loved eating them the best. 6 cents a pound. And then the pop with the bulging ends we put in the freezer the night before.

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