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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial in MOAB

This weekend started as a spontaneous idea.....
My two "swedes" (hubby and my car) took me to MOAB, Utah for a get-a-way.

Our goal in life (just to name one) is to visit all
the National Parks in the contiguous U.S.
We had visited Arches already, but not Canyonlands

We went to the Needles area first.
Saw the towers of rock they call the needles.
We hiked about 7 miles on the first day.
The weather was a temperate 60-65 degrees great for hiking.

We were lucky to get accomendations with
booking on such short notice on a busy holiday weekend.
We didn't have much choice... so we took it.. and stayed in the...
the swede wanted to get the AARP discount but neither
one of us have bitten that bullet to sign up for it.
(who really wants to admit that
they are in their fifties?)

the boots...
he will only take them off to get in bed.
He is already talking of getting another pair!

We hiked up ladders, across slick rock, in between boulders and hide
in caverns or caves, we saw lizards,
were bitten by mosquito's,
drank a gallon of water a day, and meet
so many people from all around the world.
It was like we were the only Americans in MOAB!

These two formations are named after Ironclad ships of the 1800's
Monitor and the Merrimac

The second and last day of our adventure,
we went to the Island in the Sky area.
Here we hiked into panoramic scenes and saw what is believed
to have been a meteor landing about 60 million years ago.

What a nice semi-relaxing weekend. :(
Next time we visit MOAB, we will be Jeeping!


Ashley Webb said...

How fun!! That looks like a dream - good for you guys! :)

Daisymay said...

That is where I wanted to go but I didn't bring it up thinking it was too late of a thought. I can't hike anyway. Looks like so much fun. Be grateful you are so healthy Melanie. Looks fun!!!! Maybe in my next life :D

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