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March 2016

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Day After Christmas Party

It was the day after Christmas and all through my house
we were cleaning and cooking for :
A Party of Hill Cousin's...

We had a festive Mexican dinner of tamales, rice,
beans, enchilada, chips, salsa, salads and yummy desserts.
(sorry my pictures did not turn out of the food.)

..in this picture,(left to right) is the youngest grand child Ally,
Jeana(my sister)Nina (a cousin) and my father.
Cousins: Leslie, Angie, and Gary

Here is my Uncle Sheril (my mother's twin brother)
He is the patriarch of our Hill Family.

Cousins: (left to right) Jeff, Kara, Diana, and Von
More cousins: (left to right) Tracy, Liz, Nicole, Adam and baby Evie

Aunts and Uncles: (left to right) Aunt Ann, Uncle Sheril, Aunt Kathy,
Uncle Richard, Aunt Vicki
more cousins...Christopher, Tracy, Mark and my dad
I could not have asked for a more special time to eat,
drink, and mingle with all these wonderful people.
I love them all...(and all those that weren't present!)

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joelswenson said...

Too much fun! Well worth the work of cleaning the house. Was I there?

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