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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mid Wifery

I am way past my child bearing age, and I couldn't have a child even if I had all the plumbing 
(of which I don't anymore).
But since I am a woman and a mother, I am interested in the
 birthing process, it is one of those miracles that seem to stagger the mind, 
because, of the hazards that it could bring to a woman.
I have started watching a BBC series called; CALL THE MIDWIFE
(you can check it out by clicking the title.)
These are the nurses that are the midwife's
These women are all very caring, there is not one
 that is the bad girl or the villain. 

It is an old fashioned story, tenderly written.
Here is a saying that started one of the episodes that I really 
liked enough that I had to listen over and over again to copy it exact.

Health is of the greatest of God's gifts, but we take it for granted,
 It hangs on a thread as fine as a spiders web and 
the smallest of thing can make it snap, 
Leaving the strongest of us, helpless in an instant,
 Hope is our protector and our love the baluster. 

...now onto episode 2

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