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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Off the Grid

When I need a break, mainly from my 4-10 work week, 
I like to get away from my daily life and escape into nature.

I think I have posted my adventures many times but, there is always 
a space that I have not explored.

It has been several weeks now that the "swede" and I jumped in 
the convertible Jeep and drove down to Kanab (Utah).
 It's about 4 and half hour ride.

We didn't take any camping gear, it
was too cold for me to tent it in April.

We stayed in the Best Western Hotel (Kanab).
(I would go back)

Below are some of our adventure shots hiking the
 Coyote Butte in Vermilion Monument just on the
 border of Utah and Arizona.
Be sure to pick up a permit to enter into this area, you must
 have 4 wheel drive, it is back country.

Ha Ha, this picture is deceiving..
we are standing way in front of the sign.
The camera is sitting on the back fender of the Jeep

This area is really remote from the highway,
 it was worth the trip to see what nature and wind
can do with all the airborne sand.

Wide view of the sand dunes

The swede surfing the wave..

Layers swirling sandstone.

Wind weathered sandstone.

A moment of  contemplation of the wonders of this earth.

This area was where the swede surfed and I sat in the sand pit.
Sitting in a sand pit

A fun find in this area, I call them; worry sandstones.

-This quote sums up why I love to go off the grid.

 Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to 
play in and pray in, where nature may heal and 
give strength to body and soul.

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