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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sixteen years ago....

January 31, 1995 was the date that I choose to have my
fourth daughter and last child.
I was 37 yrs old and had not had a child for
more that 10 years previous.

I was working full time and was raising three older daughters.
Aubry was 15 yrs old,
Katlin was 13 yrs old and little Ariel was 10 yrs old.
The swede and I thought that we would wait a
few years after our marriage to complete
our family(we married each other in 1992.)

(OK.. I had to give the "swede" some time and contemplation before
he was really ready to take on a family of his own.)

There you have it, Dallas Sophie made her debut into our world.
She has been the link that has made us the family that we are today.
She was the bond that gave her sisters an incredible love and
nurturing that she still enjoys today.

We invited a very special guest to help celebrate this big day for Dallas...
Blonde hair, grey eyes.... brown hair with brown eyes..
(not sure of that match up)?

The sixteen year old asked me to make her a rainbow cake...
this was my first attempt, it looks pretty amateur but.....
..it tasted really good!

I think she was surprised and happy to turn 16...
Now, on to getting that drivers license!!!


Tiffany said...

Love it! Happy Birthday Dallas!!

Vicki said...

So adorable! Both Dallas...and that cake!

Jeana Rock said...

You are a good mom. What a fun party for Dally.

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