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Friday, July 18, 2008

You are cordially invited to a 50th Birthday Party!

In honor of AARP"s 50th anniversary I hereby proclaim:
 "50 is the new 50." 
And when this party is over, I guarantee you'll never think of the Big 5-oh the same way again.

Ellen DeGeneres (January 26) Never shy about saying "This is who I am," the irrepressible DeGeneres says she can't wait for the big day. "I'm excited about turning 50."

Sharon Stone (March 10) She's never pulled punches about aging and delights in speaking out about the upside.

Michelle Pfeiffer (April 29)" aging is universal, once you accept it, it unburdens you." 

Prince (June 7) His purple badness, pompadour and high heels intact, is still a prolific one-man band, perpetually cranking out CD's-with a tamer content now that he's become a Jehovah's Witness.

Madonna (August 16) She keeps her body age-defyingly ripped and ready to dance with tough workouts that include Ashtanga yoga, and a diet of fish, grains and veggies. For fun, search on Web for "Madonna's 50th Birthday Countdown Clock" (which you can download to your desktop!)

Viggo Mortensen (October 20) Fluent in four languages, this Danish American Renaissance man is also a poet, photographer, painter. "Life is short", he once said. "I like to pay attention while I'm going through it."

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