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Saturday, July 19, 2008

You Know Your 50 When....

My daughters seem to think I need to read this book. 
 I am told almost on a daily basis that what I wear, eat, think, say, do, act, anything that is about me, is... WRONG!
I have tried not to let this affect my ego..but as I age into my 50's it does seem to others(especially those 3 daughters that live with me) that I have faults and seem to be falling apart. I am, quote: "strange" to them, unquote.
Is this hostile environment, it makes it very difficult to endure the aging process ....your own flesh and blood turning against you? I think I have only "A FEW Things Wrong With Me."



Anonymous said...

Mom, we are not turning against you, but helping you improve with grace. We love you and are grateful that you gave us life and raised us. We are just returning the favor by pushing you into the 21st Century. Stop using your age as an excuse! You are a beautiful, creative, healthy, loving, fun 50 year old woman.....(did that boost your ego?)... and we love you, even if what you wear, eat, think, say, do, act, and everything about you is WRONG! - Katlin

Cassidy said...

WHAT! I am having trouble believing that everything about you is wrong..... For being in your fifties you look so good!!!! I love your style and what you wear- you are always so put together. I tell Ariel all the time I want your clothes ha. And I love your ability to decorate, I love my apartment (everything you did to spice it up) and your home is beautiful. You inspire me ! I want to be like you when I grow up- so talented and good at crafts and cooking and so on.... I would love you as a mom because you are so cute! I would be proud to show you off!

Chelsey Cardon said...

I think you are practically perfect in every way! You do everything i ask of you and more, that's why you're my favorite aunt!

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